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Which sectors continue to stay of high interest in 2022?

View the heat chart based on potential companies for sale:

Few will be surprised to learn that the TMT sector is, once again, set to see the greatest level of deal activity in the coming year. A total of 745 stories about companies coming to sale were published over the past six months on Mergermarket. Following an assured comeback in 2021, the industrials and chemicals (I&C) sector deal pipeline is also looking healthy. After dropping in 2020, total value and volume rose in 2021 and the sector is set to continue to be active in 2022, as corporates continue to remodel their portfolios and PE stays acquisitive. There were 545 “company for sale” articles published over the past six months, with Italy and Iberia looking like a potential hot spot (126 stories). It is not only in industrials that these two markets are showing strong potential. Italy and Iberia overall could see buoyant activity—there were 614 stories about companies for sale in the sub-region in the past six months, more than in any other region in EMEA. Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa, meanwhile, could be set for a return to form. M&A in these markets was subdued through 2021, but the 603 deal reports published over the past six months suggest they could be due to take off. The same can be said for CEE and SEE, which clocked up 609 stories. Again, unsurprisingly, TMT is expected to be the richest source of deals in these parts of EMEA.

Source: Datasite