Step 1: Rating Assessment

The platform will guide you through the questionnaire, gathering the information of the project to be evaluated. This includes information about your company and the type of funding you are looking for. It will take about 15 minutes.

RESULTS: Once you have completed the questionnaire, GRECA will provide you with an overview of the results and assign an investment grade. To access the detailed evaluation, you will need to download the Company Assessment Report. You can do this by clicking on the download button on the top right. This document analyses not only the information you have provided to the platform and your investment grade, but also will give you recommendations on which type of investors fit your profile.

Step 2: Investor Matchmaking

With your Rating Assessment completed, you can proceed to download your Investors Matching Report under the My Investors tab. In that section, you can filter investors according to different criteria such as: the matching score, geographical location, and type of investor. Adapt the filters to your preferences and download the report.

investors report assessment
Behind the numbers you will find an experienced team ready to provide you with professional support in all phases of your fundraising or M&A process. REMEMBER: The platform only accepts projects that receive at least a B investment grade. If your grade is lower, you may still be at a very early stage to access private funding.

Step 3: More Features!

At this stage, you can select a package which will unlock additional features on the platform.

They include:

✓ Investor Contact Lists

✓ Company Valuations

✓ Investor Approach Coaching Sessions (depending on which package you choose)

...and more. Additional features will be rolling out in the next months!