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This past month, the Institute of Advanced Entrepreneurship (IAE) became majority stakeholder and new manager of the higher education institute of design in Zaragoza, HAC_R Creativo. GRECA introduced these entities and supported the negotiation of the transaction.

HAC_R Creativo has been recognized by the government as an authorized center for recognizable degrees in Fashion and Graphic Design. Its new management looks to span beyond design and incorporate an entrepreneurial focus. IEA plans to incorporate an MBA technique in which it specializes. “All the people who are part of this [fashion and design] world are looking to have their own business,” Juan Claudio Abello, president of IEA, told Radio Zaragoza.

IAE is a company whose presence spans across Latin America, the U.S. and Spain. targeting Zaragoza was part of a strategy to go beyond major cities, like Madrid and Barcelona, and expand its educational programs across the entire peninsula.

GRECA is very excited to see how this expansion continues to grow new opportunities.

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