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At the same time as the global economy shows clear signs of forceful recovery, the Q1 numbers indicate that the M&A deal count is equally on an optimistic rise.

In general, private equity buyers are wise to seek opportunities globally, but during the last six months particular interest has been noticed in the UK market and throughout Europe with series of investments being made.

In this post, we will take a closer look at recent M&A activities both on regional and sectoral levels.

Regional developments

Although the US has lately seen several significant deals announced, and it is believed that the trend will continue in the same direction, Europe has not quite been able to pick up the same pace just yet even if it has gotten an enthusiastic start to Q1.

According to experts, the fast rate at which the US was able to mobilize their vaccine rollout managed to tranquilized companies and PE buyers at the same time as it created a healthy climate for investment. The Biden administration and the US Congress, now Democratic-controlled, also have investors watching with a close eye as new legislative and administrative actions emerge. Winds of change are blowing through North America, and you will be wise to keep up with the following developments.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the focus among companies seems to lie on becoming regional champions through a wave of broader and domestic consolidation supported by the European authorities. With the authorities involved on such a high level, keeping up to date with the latest regulatory developments will be crucial for the success of many deals. The UK government has for instance taken actions to block cross-border takeovers of UK-based companies to protect a list of sensitive industries.

Considering that many European companies see M&A as a vital part of their growth journey, we can surely count on Q2-Q4 to bring us exciting news!

Sectorial developments

Now that you have gotten an introduction to the latest influences on the North American and European markets, let us move forward and take a glance at some of the industry sectors to better comprehend what is motivating them, or the contrary.


The global pandemic caused the healthcare sector to slow down as the primary focus for natural reasons was put on COVID-19 treatments. Other forms of healthcare services were set back by the degrading patient volumes, disrupted supply chains, and severe clinical trial delays. Still, with a shift of higher attention to public health concerns among the authorities, healthcare technology innovations accelerating, and an aging population, many strong indications suggest that we are going towards a substantial recovery during the remainder of 2021.

Materials & Resources

The metals industry has also felt the weight of the pandemic as the demand dropped and is still far away from recovery. There could be a ray of light, that mainly concerns the US, for construction products, metals, and chemicals subsectors if it is decided to address the nations aging infrastructure. It is also highly contemplated that work to expand the Western countries manufacturing capabilities will cause a boost that will last over several years.

Information Technology

The IT sector on the other hand has an essential position in global M&A and continues to grow in importance. It turns out semiconductors have landed a starring role facing fast-growing demands as the Internet of Things (IoT) is developing at a fast rate. The involvement of private equity buyers in the IT sector reached a new high during Q1 as it accounted for about one-third of the tech acquisitions at a global level, something worth keeping track of.

B2B (Business to business)

This is a sector where Europe exceeded the US with a larger share of M&A during Q1, a respectable improvement from Q1 2020. The shift among consumers and businesses in the way they consume and manage content has left room for streaming companies to excel. These rely greatly on consumer data and analytics for insights, scaling their business, profitability, and has opened for new M&A deals. Media & information is anticipated to grow as companies strive to expand their customer offer.

These are just a few of the sectors that move the world economy and hence M&A. These transactions that can be time-consuming, delicate, and difficult to successfully finalize without the correct knowledge and professional support. There are many aspects to consider, and we would not count on you to be on top of them all. Our specialists on the other hand have a long and successful trajectory behind them, making the Greca team a valuable partner for the next important steps your company is about to take.

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