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Adamo Robot received an investment of €450,000 from Inspiralia and Ricari with the support of GRECA. GRECA supported this investment by managing the due diligence process.

Adamo Robot is a Rioja robotics company working on the development of cutting-edge technology to help physiotherapy professionals treat patients. Ricari is an investment company whose objective is the dynamization of the Riojan economy.


Adamo was born with the aim of researching and developing innovative solutions within the health sector, more specifically in the field of physiotherapy. It is defined as the first collaborative robotics system in the world, capable of treating musculoskeletal pathologies through air pressure. Its multidisciplinary team is made up of engineers, biologists and physiotherapists, who have developed an innovative device that has the latest technology for image recognition of the patient by means of a 3D camera and a thermal imaging camera. From Adamo they defend that the device is one hundred percent safe, does not touch the patient and does not cause pain.

Thanks to the Biomedical Research Center of La Rioja (CIBIR), the device has scientific evidence regarding its effectiveness with patients and other lines of research are currently being carried out. In addition, an Adamo unit has already been incorporated into the public health service of La Rioja and another unit is being used by one of the main insurance groups in the country in one of its centers in Madrid.


After a period focused on product development, clinical study and obtaining certifications, the support of new investors will allow Adamo to advance in its commercial strategy, where it already has important expressions of interest from health groups inside and outside Spain, as well as to continue hand in hand with health professionals developing research studies applications that support and improve the work of physiotherapists at the level assistance and objective data.

Adamo’s potential clients include, mainly, insurance companies, clinics and professionals in the field of physiotherapy, hospitals, universities and training and research centers, the world of professional and amateur sports.

Carlos Jiménez, CEO of Adamo, explains that

“bringing robotic technology closer to our society, increases our care capacity safely and with objective data, treating pain is our focus and for this the Physiotherapist as a professional is fundamental. We must support you and provide you with the latest technology that generates value in your work, both with data, thanks to thermography, and minimizing repetitive processes that do not provide you. In turn, the patient recovers earlier, does not perceive pain and appreciates the personal focus of the physiotherapist.”

For his part, Luis Ruano, CEO of Ricari, comments that

“we see enormous potential in applying robotic technology in the field of health so that with sessions scheduled by physiotherapists it can improve the quality of life of people both from a curative and preventive point of view.”


Ricari, is a company whose main activity is to provide financing to companies that develop their activity from La Rioja, either through participation in their capital or through loans. In addition to financing, Ricari supports companies by providing them with various types of services that help implement their business plans. Ricari supports both companies that are starting their activity (startups) and companies that already have experience and that need financing to be able to address new investments.


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