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Looking back at 2021, giving us hope for 2022! We have summarized facts from the The State of European Tech.

2021: $100B of capital invested in a single year.
3x the level recorded in 2020. 10x the level in 2015. Bring it on 2022!


5 years ago, you could fit all of the continent’s unicorns in a dining room and decry Europe’s missing tech giants. Today, you’d need an auditorium with 321 seats and you’d hear a completely different story. — John Collison, Stripe | Co-founder & President


Tech is arguably going through the most meaningful paradigm shift in history globally, with perceptions of its role in the economy and society shifting. It is easy to underestimate the rate of progress this is driving.

No one blinks at $100M+ funding rounds anymore.
2021 saw 57 rounds of $250M+, which is close to double the number achieved in the previous three years combined; a new record in European tech history.


In times of crisis and uncertainty, we often see a wave of innovation – and this seems to be what has happened in European tech over the past two years. Maria Raga, Depop | CEO


$100M+ rounds per country
The growth of mega rounds is far from a UK-only story. Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands and Spain have all set new records before the year even finished.




Not only are there more unicorns in Europe; they are scaling faster.
Europe has now seen unicorns emerge from 28 different countries across Europe. Latvia and Cyprus are the most recent addition to this list.


Trends that we believed would take 10 years to fully materialise have happened in just two. Our continent is set up to make the most of that opportunity. Georgi Ganev, Kinnevik | CEO


Put together by Atomico and Slush. Read their full report here. Data contribution from DealRoom.